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by what-the-hec October 13, 2012


This is awkward, but as it stands, no one is coming to roKCtober 2012. I consider this one a bust. :(

However, seeing as I already booked my room for that weekend, myself and a handful of Topeka/KC peeps will be at The Foundry around 9pm on Saturday.

Feel free to join us!



by what-the-hec October 5, 2012

Two weeks from today people! Are you coming?!

Once again, the Main Event will be at The Foundry around 9pm.

Is there any interest in a specific event for Friday night? I haven’t reserved anything, but the Westport Flea Market is available, along with Ernie Biggs, etc. I’m open to suggestions!

Additionally, could you guys please email or DM me if you will for sure be joining us? Just so I can get an idea?

-Heidi (What-the-HEC)

Tomorrow is the last day for reservations!!

by what-the-hec September 18, 2012

To get the awesome group rate of $89/night at The Q Hotel for roKCtober 2012, reserve your room by tomorrow!

Go HERE to make a reservation.

Additionally, the ‘Main Event’ will take place at The Foundry again.

Again, if you have ANY questions/concerns/suggestions please let me know by DM, or email me at hchermak@gmail.com.

Much love,


by what-the-hec August 26, 2012

So…..as of today, NOBODY has reserved a room at the Q. There is less than one month to reserve your room to get the $89 group rate! (09/19). Go HERE for reservations.

Which leads me to my next question….

Does anyone plan on actually attending roKCtober this year?
I understand if there is just no time/interest. I would just like to know so that I don’t plan things, then show up and no one else attends. You know?

Please let me know.

Spread the word,  and feel free to message me with any inquiries.

I love you all!

-Heidi (@what-the-hec)

Boulevard Brewery Tour

by what-the-hec July 25, 2012

So…..apparently they are saying that they “can’t possibly” do a group tour for us specifically on that Saturday. (which is different from what they told me before, but whatever. Grr.)

They do have a 3pm tour that day, and people can sign up as individuals. So if you are interested in going that day, go to their website and sign up!


by what-the-hec May 30, 2012

This is the correct link….oops.


by what-the-hec May 30, 2012

Hello everyone! I just wanted to send you guys some information on roKCtober 2012! (Kansas City Tweet-up)

Dates: Fri. Oct 19th - Sun. Oct. 21st

Hotel: The Q Hotel Rates is $89 a night, if reserved by 09/19. To reserve, you can either call…or go here: https://reservations.ihotelier.com/crs/greservation.cfm?groupID= 744079&hotelID=14871

Still working on a place for the Main Event, but should have it soon!

What are you guys talking about?

by thedza May 28, 2012

Nobody tells me anything.


by onesmallfire August 20, 2011


I has some sad news…..it doesn’t look like it can happen this year. Due to MANY busy schedules, and lack of planning, roKCtober has been postponed.

I say March? Yes. I know it isn’t October, but it might just be better this way. Any thoughts? Spring Break anyone?

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